Sunday, April 11, 2010

Konrad graduates - from puppy kindergarten!

Sorry it's been so long! I have no good excuses. :)

Konrad is now just over four months old, so here are the four for four:
1) He's developed some teenage tendencies. A not-so-subtle habit of ignoring me if he doesn't care to lie down at that particular moment, for example.
2) He's lost all of his front baby teeth. Now we're just waiting for the canines and his molars to go and hopefully his urge to chew will settle down.
3) The crate Konrad stays in has a movable barrier in the middle, which I am moving back every several days. It's funny, because he seems to expand into his available space every time I give him more room! But so far no accidents in his expanded space, which is great.
4) He graduated from puppy class last night! We didn't work with him as much as we should have, but he did quite well in the class.

Here are some pictures from last night's graduation ceremony!

His diploma.

With cap - he was remarkably calm with the hat on!

Good "down"!