Sunday, May 2, 2010

Five for five

Konrad turned five months old on Thursday. He celebrated late into the night, releasing himself from his crate and eating one of HB's pom-poms as well as six pages of spreadsheets that I brought home. I had to send an email on Friday that my dog ate my homework! He did not, however, eat any power cords or chew (at all) on my leather Hartman briefcase. Phew!

So, five thoughts for Konrad's five-month birthday:
1) He can now go out into public with us - that should be interesting!
2) We've been asked not to let him chew on hard plastic nylabone chews (several CCI dogs have broken teeth chewing on them), so we got him a Goughnut. He loves it, and I love that when he's chewed through it (used it up, basically), it will turn red and at that point you can return it for a new one!
3) His crate is now full-size. I took the divider panel out and I think he's enjoying his spacious digs.
4) He's only had one accident in the past month, at least - good job Konrad!
5) We took him to Louisville with us this weekend, though he stayed with the kids and my brother while we went to the Kentucky Derby. He had to ride in his crate in the "way back" of the CRV on the rainy drive home, and he didn't get car sick at all. That's a first for him!

I'll post pictures of the party later. :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Konrad graduates - from puppy kindergarten!

Sorry it's been so long! I have no good excuses. :)

Konrad is now just over four months old, so here are the four for four:
1) He's developed some teenage tendencies. A not-so-subtle habit of ignoring me if he doesn't care to lie down at that particular moment, for example.
2) He's lost all of his front baby teeth. Now we're just waiting for the canines and his molars to go and hopefully his urge to chew will settle down.
3) The crate Konrad stays in has a movable barrier in the middle, which I am moving back every several days. It's funny, because he seems to expand into his available space every time I give him more room! But so far no accidents in his expanded space, which is great.
4) He graduated from puppy class last night! We didn't work with him as much as we should have, but he did quite well in the class.

Here are some pictures from last night's graduation ceremony!

His diploma.

With cap - he was remarkably calm with the hat on!

Good "down"!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

So much time has passed!

Few quick updates, then the pictues you've all been waiting for:

1) Konrad is now three months old! As is a tradition among other CCI puppy raisers, here are three interesting things about Konrad at three months: 1) he's growing like bamboo, 2) he's a a very calm puppy (for which we are thankful, and 3) people fall in love with him wherever we go!

2) Konrad went to his first vet appointment a few weeks ago. He already weighed 21.5 pounds, up from the 16 he weighed when he arrived. His cape, which used to be so big on him that he would get it wet everytime he "hurried", now looks more like a shoulder cover than a full-body cape - he's getting so big! He was great for the shots, and the vet was impressed with how well he handled having his feet and mouth touched.

3) We've started puppy obedience classes at a local PetSmart. Konrad's done well, and the trainer is being really understanding about what we can and can't do with Mr. K. So that's going well, and we are educating our fellow classmates about CCI as well!

Overall, Konrad is doing well, much better than we were expecting. He is calm, a fairly quick learner, and a really sweet pup! Just a few days ago he ate about half of one of his chew bones, so he now has one that was labeled for power chewers. :)

Now for the pictures I promised!
Konrad in a relaxed moment.

Cape Boy!

Wonder how long until he's too big for the bed?
Chewing on his "Viking bone" - we're Brett Favre fans, and it just so happens that this bone is Minnesota Viking colors!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

He's growing up!

This week brought some big steps for Konrad (our daughter either calls him "Mr. Konrad" or "Kon" - still working on getting his name right; I often call him JJ!).

Those big steps included our stairs. Konrad is pushing 20 pounds and my back does not appreciate carrying him down the stairs anytime he needs to go out, so we're teaching him to go down them. He does much better when lured with some kibble, but yesterday morning he was in a playful mood and tried to pounce while going down the steps. Not a good idea - but at least he made it down in one piece!

Konrad has also started wearing his practice puppy cape when he goes outside. He doesn't bother it at all, which is great. I'll try to get some pictures of it, maybe tonight.

We have a big week ahead. Tomorrow is Konrad's first visit with our vet (the wonderful Dr. Steve Hendrix of Hillsboro Animal Hospital) and next Saturday is our first puppy obedience class. Should be interesting. The whole family is going - as if it isn't enough to corrall the puppy; we'll have the kids to keep in line as well!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Note to self

One day without accidents does not a housebroken puppy make. We had some rough housebreaking days last week, then a banner day on Friday - no accidents! Konrad made up for it this weekend. So many accidents on Sunday that he had to have two baths! He's having a better week though - just one accident in his crate yesterday and today.

The training is coming along. He's doing quite well with his Gentle Leader, and walks nicely on the leash. (I'm in the office right now, and he's clearly asleep in his crate - he's snoring.) He seems to have learned to "wait" when coming in and going out, which I think is helping him learn the "release" command as well, since he can't cross the threshold until we say it. He also doesn't get his dinner until we say it - and he likes his dinner!

I'll try to post some pictures this weekend, but in the meantime, his first visit with our vet is on Monday so that should be interesting.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Still figuring out his place

While Konrad is definitely getting more comfortable with us, he's still trying to figure out who the alpha dog is. He's shown some dominant behavior (moutning my leg), but B and I think that he's just trying to figure out where he is in our family hierarchy. He won't wonder for long!

Konrad has to wear a regular flat color for his ID tags, but his training and working collar is called a Gentle Leader, like this one (no, this isn't Konrad):

We've been putting it on him whenever he's on the leash, and he's doing well with it. Another training technique that we're using is to introduce a lot of the daily commands now so that he never knows a time when he didn't have to wait at the door, for example. It's as much training for us (well, me - I keep forgetting what B has been working on!). So Konrad is now officially working on these commands: Name (his name, obviously; he just has to look up when you say it), Hurry (to go potty), Let's Go (walk nicely on the leash), Dress (put his nose in the Gentle Leader; we just say this now when we put it on him), Kennel (go into your kennel), Wait (wait at the door coming in and out, wait for your food to be put down for you), and Release (go do whatever you want to do, basically!).

So that's the quick update for today. He's still having accidents in his crate, but we re-focused our efforts yesterday, taking him out every two hours or so during the day so maybe today will be a good day. He went out last night at 8:45, then slept through until around 2am, then slept again until I woke him to go out just after 6am. Progress from the first night, for sure!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Training officially started today

With one kid at daycare and me at work, Konrad officially started his training today in a mostly distraction-free house. He also had no accidents today and was up only twice last night. He's really settled in so nicely - he plays but calms down quickly, and he's doing very well going outside. And after a few days of getting used to being in our house, he's now eating almost every bit of food at every meal!

Today I sent of our first monthly progress report to CCI. It probably wasn't that useful since he's only been with us five days and he's still quite young. As a result, I had to mark down that he was chewing inappropriate items (like our drawer pulls in the kitchen), not housebroken, chewing on people and their clothes, and not using his Gentle Leader (the special kind of collar he will be wearing) or going to puppy classes!

I can't figure out how to get pictures to upload easily to a slideshow, so I'll just post some here because I know that's what people want!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Getting settled in

Konrad gets more settled by the hour, it seems. He is much more calm in his crate, and he only woke up two or three times last night (that reminds me of having a newborn - was he up at 1:30 or was it 2:30?). We got a big snow today (big for our area), so Konrad had fun snuffling around in it. He has had only a minor accident today, and does really well with his potty breaks.

For those unfamiliar with CCI, one of the things that we have to teach Konrad is to relieve himself on command. That command is "Hurry". Not sure when he'll get that part of it, but he wouldn't let B bring him back inside this afternoon and a few minutes later, took care of the rest of his business.

He's spent a good three hours out with us in the kitchen this afternoon. He likes to try to chew on the drawer pulls, but beyond that, he was fantastic. Now he's so tuckered out that he fell asleep in B's arms so we moved him into his crate.

We've been amazed at how calm he is. He gets excited about things - snow, biting the leash when he's outside, and especially the kids, but he settles right back down again. Not sure if that's the careful breeding or just his personality, but we're thankful for it!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Are puppies like newborns? (Lessons from Konrad's first night.)

Sort of. On one hand, they get up frequently (he was up at 10, 11, 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6:30) and make a lot of noise when they get up. On the other hand, you don't have to take a newborn outside in January in the middle of night, and you can share the midnight duties with your husband. Fortunately, HB slept through all the noise when JJ was born, and they both slept through Konrad's crying last night. He's had a good breakfast, complained bitterly when I put him in his crate this morning, and is now crashed out. :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Our next journey begins...

Konrad arrived today - all 16 pounds of him! At eight weeks, he's already shoulders and tails taller and heavier than our beloved Jack Russell - not to mention the energy level!

We've had a good day, only two accidents in the house, and he has protested less each time we've put him in his crate. He loves HB, which means we'll need to be extra careful to watch him with both kids. He didn't get to meet JJ today - the timing just didn't work out with dinner and crate time.

He seems to be in great shape - no ill effects from his travels, his vaccinations, or his dewormer yesterday, so that's good!

Okay, Konrad is asleep and tomorrow is HB's 6th birthday, so I have to go blow up balloons and get ready to decorate her room once she falls asleep!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Our puppy has a name!

We found out this week that our first CCI puppy will be named Konrad. You can read more about him to the right.

He arrives next Wednesday, Jan. 27th (the day before HB's 6th birthday, so it will be an exciting week). This weekend, HB and I are going pet supply shopping, which should be great fun. Her input is needed specifically for a collar, ID tag and TOYS!

We should get Konrad's starter kit package either today or tomorrow, so I'm interested to see what's in there. I know it will have his puppy cape (to help him become comfortable wearing one), his Gentle Leader and his CCI ID tag and I'm hoping it will have his vaccination information and more importantly, his travel plans!

As soon as we have pictures, I'll figure out how to post them. Over time, I promise that this blog will become more visually interesting - I'm new to this!