Sunday, February 14, 2010

He's growing up!

This week brought some big steps for Konrad (our daughter either calls him "Mr. Konrad" or "Kon" - still working on getting his name right; I often call him JJ!).

Those big steps included our stairs. Konrad is pushing 20 pounds and my back does not appreciate carrying him down the stairs anytime he needs to go out, so we're teaching him to go down them. He does much better when lured with some kibble, but yesterday morning he was in a playful mood and tried to pounce while going down the steps. Not a good idea - but at least he made it down in one piece!

Konrad has also started wearing his practice puppy cape when he goes outside. He doesn't bother it at all, which is great. I'll try to get some pictures of it, maybe tonight.

We have a big week ahead. Tomorrow is Konrad's first visit with our vet (the wonderful Dr. Steve Hendrix of Hillsboro Animal Hospital) and next Saturday is our first puppy obedience class. Should be interesting. The whole family is going - as if it isn't enough to corrall the puppy; we'll have the kids to keep in line as well!

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