Monday, February 1, 2010

Training officially started today

With one kid at daycare and me at work, Konrad officially started his training today in a mostly distraction-free house. He also had no accidents today and was up only twice last night. He's really settled in so nicely - he plays but calms down quickly, and he's doing very well going outside. And after a few days of getting used to being in our house, he's now eating almost every bit of food at every meal!

Today I sent of our first monthly progress report to CCI. It probably wasn't that useful since he's only been with us five days and he's still quite young. As a result, I had to mark down that he was chewing inappropriate items (like our drawer pulls in the kitchen), not housebroken, chewing on people and their clothes, and not using his Gentle Leader (the special kind of collar he will be wearing) or going to puppy classes!

I can't figure out how to get pictures to upload easily to a slideshow, so I'll just post some here because I know that's what people want!

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