Sunday, May 2, 2010

Five for five

Konrad turned five months old on Thursday. He celebrated late into the night, releasing himself from his crate and eating one of HB's pom-poms as well as six pages of spreadsheets that I brought home. I had to send an email on Friday that my dog ate my homework! He did not, however, eat any power cords or chew (at all) on my leather Hartman briefcase. Phew!

So, five thoughts for Konrad's five-month birthday:
1) He can now go out into public with us - that should be interesting!
2) We've been asked not to let him chew on hard plastic nylabone chews (several CCI dogs have broken teeth chewing on them), so we got him a Goughnut. He loves it, and I love that when he's chewed through it (used it up, basically), it will turn red and at that point you can return it for a new one!
3) His crate is now full-size. I took the divider panel out and I think he's enjoying his spacious digs.
4) He's only had one accident in the past month, at least - good job Konrad!
5) We took him to Louisville with us this weekend, though he stayed with the kids and my brother while we went to the Kentucky Derby. He had to ride in his crate in the "way back" of the CRV on the rainy drive home, and he didn't get car sick at all. That's a first for him!

I'll post pictures of the party later. :)