Friday, February 5, 2010

Still figuring out his place

While Konrad is definitely getting more comfortable with us, he's still trying to figure out who the alpha dog is. He's shown some dominant behavior (moutning my leg), but B and I think that he's just trying to figure out where he is in our family hierarchy. He won't wonder for long!

Konrad has to wear a regular flat color for his ID tags, but his training and working collar is called a Gentle Leader, like this one (no, this isn't Konrad):

We've been putting it on him whenever he's on the leash, and he's doing well with it. Another training technique that we're using is to introduce a lot of the daily commands now so that he never knows a time when he didn't have to wait at the door, for example. It's as much training for us (well, me - I keep forgetting what B has been working on!). So Konrad is now officially working on these commands: Name (his name, obviously; he just has to look up when you say it), Hurry (to go potty), Let's Go (walk nicely on the leash), Dress (put his nose in the Gentle Leader; we just say this now when we put it on him), Kennel (go into your kennel), Wait (wait at the door coming in and out, wait for your food to be put down for you), and Release (go do whatever you want to do, basically!).

So that's the quick update for today. He's still having accidents in his crate, but we re-focused our efforts yesterday, taking him out every two hours or so during the day so maybe today will be a good day. He went out last night at 8:45, then slept through until around 2am, then slept again until I woke him to go out just after 6am. Progress from the first night, for sure!

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