Sunday, February 28, 2010

So much time has passed!

Few quick updates, then the pictues you've all been waiting for:

1) Konrad is now three months old! As is a tradition among other CCI puppy raisers, here are three interesting things about Konrad at three months: 1) he's growing like bamboo, 2) he's a a very calm puppy (for which we are thankful, and 3) people fall in love with him wherever we go!

2) Konrad went to his first vet appointment a few weeks ago. He already weighed 21.5 pounds, up from the 16 he weighed when he arrived. His cape, which used to be so big on him that he would get it wet everytime he "hurried", now looks more like a shoulder cover than a full-body cape - he's getting so big! He was great for the shots, and the vet was impressed with how well he handled having his feet and mouth touched.

3) We've started puppy obedience classes at a local PetSmart. Konrad's done well, and the trainer is being really understanding about what we can and can't do with Mr. K. So that's going well, and we are educating our fellow classmates about CCI as well!

Overall, Konrad is doing well, much better than we were expecting. He is calm, a fairly quick learner, and a really sweet pup! Just a few days ago he ate about half of one of his chew bones, so he now has one that was labeled for power chewers. :)

Now for the pictures I promised!
Konrad in a relaxed moment.

Cape Boy!

Wonder how long until he's too big for the bed?
Chewing on his "Viking bone" - we're Brett Favre fans, and it just so happens that this bone is Minnesota Viking colors!

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