Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Note to self

One day without accidents does not a housebroken puppy make. We had some rough housebreaking days last week, then a banner day on Friday - no accidents! Konrad made up for it this weekend. So many accidents on Sunday that he had to have two baths! He's having a better week though - just one accident in his crate yesterday and today.

The training is coming along. He's doing quite well with his Gentle Leader, and walks nicely on the leash. (I'm in the office right now, and he's clearly asleep in his crate - he's snoring.) He seems to have learned to "wait" when coming in and going out, which I think is helping him learn the "release" command as well, since he can't cross the threshold until we say it. He also doesn't get his dinner until we say it - and he likes his dinner!

I'll try to post some pictures this weekend, but in the meantime, his first visit with our vet is on Monday so that should be interesting.


  1. Yess I completely understand that,I was just about to celebrate a night without accidents, when I look over and see Pompei squatting on the floor. Sigh. :)

  2. Most of Konrad's accidents are in the crate, though he did leave a big puddle on the floor yesterday.