Friday, January 29, 2010

Getting settled in

Konrad gets more settled by the hour, it seems. He is much more calm in his crate, and he only woke up two or three times last night (that reminds me of having a newborn - was he up at 1:30 or was it 2:30?). We got a big snow today (big for our area), so Konrad had fun snuffling around in it. He has had only a minor accident today, and does really well with his potty breaks.

For those unfamiliar with CCI, one of the things that we have to teach Konrad is to relieve himself on command. That command is "Hurry". Not sure when he'll get that part of it, but he wouldn't let B bring him back inside this afternoon and a few minutes later, took care of the rest of his business.

He's spent a good three hours out with us in the kitchen this afternoon. He likes to try to chew on the drawer pulls, but beyond that, he was fantastic. Now he's so tuckered out that he fell asleep in B's arms so we moved him into his crate.

We've been amazed at how calm he is. He gets excited about things - snow, biting the leash when he's outside, and especially the kids, but he settles right back down again. Not sure if that's the careful breeding or just his personality, but we're thankful for it!


  1. Sounds like he's doing well! Welcome to the rollercoaster we call Puppy raising!! My name is Erin and I've been raising for about 4 years now, working with the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind.

    I currently have a yellow lab/goldenX named Pompei, he's 12wko.

    Can't wait to hear about the adventures you have with your little guy!

    Erin,Pompei, Bubbles & Texas (the dachshunds)

  2. Hi,
    I have Konrad's brother Karsen. He seems to be adjusting well to his new home. JG