Friday, January 22, 2010

Our puppy has a name!

We found out this week that our first CCI puppy will be named Konrad. You can read more about him to the right.

He arrives next Wednesday, Jan. 27th (the day before HB's 6th birthday, so it will be an exciting week). This weekend, HB and I are going pet supply shopping, which should be great fun. Her input is needed specifically for a collar, ID tag and TOYS!

We should get Konrad's starter kit package either today or tomorrow, so I'm interested to see what's in there. I know it will have his puppy cape (to help him become comfortable wearing one), his Gentle Leader and his CCI ID tag and I'm hoping it will have his vaccination information and more importantly, his travel plans!

As soon as we have pictures, I'll figure out how to post them. Over time, I promise that this blog will become more visually interesting - I'm new to this!

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